Sunday, March 11, 2012

Up and Running

First things first, this blog has nothing to do with the infamous group of hackers that call them selves Anonymous.  While I respect what they do, this blog will have nothing to do with them. 

My blog is more for me, and my friends.  A safe place to vent frustrations and maybe a little bit of deep curiosity that I try to foster for myself.

I am "Anonymous"  but I prefer to go by Brett.  I have a wonderful, often challenging family and work life.  The fun part of it is that I never know what is going to happen.  I often find my self laughing at the "interesting" things that happen at home and work.  So I think I will make fun of them here.   

I live and work in Europe, and I do a little bit of local travel,  I don't often get to enjoy the "travel channel" touristy things that go on in some of the places I go, but my family finds interesting ways to spend our "minications".  So I suppose I will put a little bit of that in there also.  

I am not going to do a full on introduction because I think that you will get to know me as I continue to write in my blog.   Here goes nothing...

-Brett  (p.s.  I did not create this picture, I pulled it off of

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