Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Kids... and spanking!

I am having one of those weeks, where I remember all the times my mom said while chasing me across the house with a red high heel shoe; "Wait til you have kids, I hope they act like you do."  With my upcoming deployment I think they are taking it hard this time.  Last time they didn't really change the way they were acting, until I left.  This time my oldest has had a crazy attitude, and trouble paying attention.  My youngest is just being himself, but for anyone who knows him, that's not saying much.  I guess I will have to write another blog explaining that situation some other time.  The crazy part is, I would have gotten my ass whooped had I had the attitude they do.  I would have never gotten away with it.

With people becoming more liberal about raising kids, people get pitchforks and torches if you even talk about spanking. So even though it worked, and there was only a little bit of trauma involving handcuffs and such, it is worth it.  I actually think the world would be a better place if it weren't for all the liberal parents that actually want their kids to like them.  Don't get me wrong, I don't condone abuse, there is a definite line that shouldn't be crossed, but spanking works.  The crazy thing is, a lady in Texas just went to jail, because she spanked her kid, on the ass, with her open palm, and did not even leave a mark.  Texas Law states that it is okay to spank with an open palm on the butt. I think it's outrageous that this judge totally ignored the law, and did what he thought was right.  Which brings me to my point, that even though the law is on your side when it comes to spanking, the judges, adn the people who decide to prosecute them, can do what they want.

All they are doing, is making it harder to be a good parent, who's kids respect them, and respect others.  I can't even go on the playground behind my house without hearing 10 year old kids calling each other mother fuckers and bitches.  What has the world come to that you can't even raise your kids the way you want to.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

To the parents of the little girls who took my sons scooter:

Your kids might come to you and say that their scooter was stolen tonight. It was, by it's owner. This is exactly why we etched my sons full name onto it. So once again, fuck you...


About three weeks ago, my sons Razor Scooter was stolen off of the playground while he was outside playing.  Naturally this really bothered me.  We live in a tiny community, where everyone literally knows everyone.  We knew that it wouldn't be long before we found it, because we etched his name into it.  Last night around four o'clock or so, my wife notices a little girl ride to the park on what looks like his scooter.  She had to pull me away from the door because I was going to go out and check while they were out there.  She said "Just wait and take the dog for a walk  It's less obvious that way."  I waited, took the dog out, and walked the direction that the girls were walking to find out where they went.  Because our community is so small it was pretty easy to find.  

I noticed where it was sitting, but because there were a bunch of people around I couldn't get close enough to see the etching that my wife put on it.  I took the dog home, determined to return later and find out if it was his. Yesterday being St. Patrick's Day, people were partying all night and I didn't get a chance to go back.

Tonight, while taking the dog out, I grabbed my flashlight, a poop bag and the leash and set out with my detective dog, Izzy, to find out if it was his.  We walked over there, and upon closer inspection found his full name engraved into the same two spots.  So I brought it home, and now after plenty of Facebook traffic over the incident I am writing a blog about it.

Our Army Community depends on Army Values, theft is against the Army values which is why this sort of thing pisses me off so much.

I think this is enough, I will update if anything interesting happens because of this.

Good Night

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Up and Running

First things first, this blog has nothing to do with the infamous group of hackers that call them selves Anonymous.  While I respect what they do, this blog will have nothing to do with them. 

My blog is more for me, and my friends.  A safe place to vent frustrations and maybe a little bit of deep curiosity that I try to foster for myself.

I am "Anonymous"  but I prefer to go by Brett.  I have a wonderful, often challenging family and work life.  The fun part of it is that I never know what is going to happen.  I often find my self laughing at the "interesting" things that happen at home and work.  So I think I will make fun of them here.   

I live and work in Europe, and I do a little bit of local travel,  I don't often get to enjoy the "travel channel" touristy things that go on in some of the places I go, but my family finds interesting ways to spend our "minications".  So I suppose I will put a little bit of that in there also.  

I am not going to do a full on introduction because I think that you will get to know me as I continue to write in my blog.   Here goes nothing...

-Brett  (p.s.  I did not create this picture, I pulled it off of

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