Friday, April 13, 2012

Mushrooms mushrooms mushrooms

Ok, so living in Germany, recycling is a really important topic to Americans. Mostly because when we move here we are coming from a society where recycling is not very important, to a society where it takes a high priority. So when I hear about things that could revolutionize the way the World recycles, it gets me kinda excited(Boring I know).

So Americans are REALLY BAD at recycling. Just outside my building we have three containers. One for trash, one for cardboard, and one for plastic bottles. They are all right next to each other. It really annoys me that when I take out my trash and recycling, there will be a gigantic cardboard box sitting on top of the trash, three feet from the cardboard container.

This morning I saw a really cool video on Yahoo news(My wife Insisted I watch). Here is the Link Freaking mushrooms! The legume I love is about to change the world. It has always been a gastronomical success. Mushrooms are a really good source of vitamins and minerals and even help you lose weight. Plus if you eat the right ones, its a really fun high :P. but this, I tip my hat to you Mr. Legume.
Mushrooms just reinvented themselves to be arguably the most useful thing on the globe(Maybe an exaggeration). But to be able to literally eat plastic. That could revolutionize the way we recycle, not to mention growing Styrofoam from recycled food waste. Who thinks of these things. I don't really care, but the guy who found the mushroom that eats plastic deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.
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