Monday, April 19, 2010

Thank You

Thank you for life...
Thank you for everything you do...
Thank you for life...
Thank you for being there for me
thanks for everything you do...

Some one had to teach me how to walk and,
someone had to teach me how to talk
some one had to teach me just how to sing this song for you
which is why I just want to say thank you.

When I lie at wake at night I wonder, just how many people taught me life. I can't imagine life without the constant little lessons from strangers on the street. Some one had to teach you trust, and someone had to teach you lies. Someone had to show you love and someone had to receive it. For you would know not love without someone accepting it from you. You go through life learning lessons, attributing them to you, but without a rude clerk patience would be unknown, and without a nice waitress gratitude would be a foreign concept. without the pilot 35000 feet would never touch your eyes. Be grateful everyday, for life.

Happiness is bound to follow you if you allow it within the walls of self for those walls and thick and jaded, painted with the lies we tell ourselves about our own unhappiness. I am guilty myself of the jaded life. Let me teach you something. Let your ego be still and your mind be buzzing. Let your ears be perked and your eyes steady on my own. Thank you for everything, even the things that annoy and frustrate me, without them my patience would be weak and my ego enlarged. The meaning of life is not something to look for, its something to experience and no one else can do that for you. Every day is a new sheet of paper, and every moment is a new line on which to write. Thank you for your opinion because really, no matter what people think, it really does matter. Every experience every word, every gesture, every expression, every mistake, take away from it, don't let it's energy be wasted, if that energy has graced you, you are lucky.

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